Our Mission

Paryavaran Evam Prodyogiki Utthan Samiti (PEPUS) is non-profit, non-governmental organization, implementing various programmes in the state of Uttar Pradesh. PEPUS envisions “Establishment of an exploitation free society”. PEPUS firmly believes that all the sections of the society must be self reliant and at the same time inter and intra dependency should be there. The mission of the institution is to make section of the society Which is far away from the development & basic needs even after 65 year of independence, make them self reliant through education, training & awareness and also to work for gender equality and women empowerment. In order to reach the vision and mission the institution has been toiling hard and making efforts by fulfilling its goals and objectives. The organization has been relying on the community empowerment strategies, participatory approaches and linkages with government agencies over a period of time.