Approaches to Empowerment

Primarily, the project tried to build the capacities of various community based institutions like VECs, SMCs etc by providing them information about various issues concerning them. The project beneficiares have been involved in the programme activities rights from the beginning to ensure community participation in the developmental actions concerning them. This has yielded better results than the activities which would have been conducted in isolation. The examples of community participation have been given below:

  • In Rampur village, Bihar block of district Pratapgarh, SMCs have been constituted democratically in June 2013 with the participation of SAKAR team and VECs of SAKAR.
  • After the constitution of SMCs, the members have been oriented about their roles & responsibilities and capacitated again & again. This has been done to ensure quality education in children and improve the services in the schools. Regular monthly meetings have increased school enrollment ration, school retention rate, quality of mid day meals, construction of school boundaries, repair of roads, etc. The participation of the PRIs and their members has increased in the community level processes under the SAKAR project. However, during the start of the project, the school teachers did not appreciate the involvement of the SAKAR team and considered it as interference. They even expressed their discontent and disapproval on involvement of the SAKAR team. But the regular meetings of SMCs and their nature of involvement in improving the quality of education. They have helped a lot in addressing the problems at the school level. In September 2014, SMCs invited the UK team and FYF team Lucknow to their schools during their visit to the project area in order to thank them.

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