• About Organisation

    A few social workers while working with the downtrodden and the marginalized communities found that the people they were working with are living under pathetic conditions. These communities are trapped under vicious circle of poverty. Also their awareness level was quite low and they considered it as their fate and were totally hopeless for any change in it.

  • Our Mission

    Paryavaran Evam Prodyogiki Utthan Samiti (PEPUS) is non-profit, non-governmental organization, implementing various programmes in the state of Uttar Pradesh. PEPUS envisions “Establishment of an exploitation free society”. PEPUS firmly believes that all the sections of the society must be self reliant and at the same time inter and intra dependency should be there.

  • Approaches to equity

    The project has been candidly clear about equality in terms of opportunities to the project beneficiaries. According to this, any of the beneficiaries was not be discriminated on the basis of any weakness or shortcomings. All the participants were to be given due opportunity for growth and development. Although, this could not be done in the beginning, but it had been ensured with the passage of time.

Approaches to Empowerment

  • Approaches to Empowerment

    Primarily, the project tried to build the capacities of various community based institutions like VECs, SMCs etc by providing them information about various issues concerning them.

Capacity building

  • Community needs have always been taken into consideration while enhancing their capacities under the project. The project has focused on providing them informations

    Approaches to community capacity building